600 Jahre alter Weinkeller

All about wine

The Weinhotel zur Schwane in Volkach on the Mainschleife in Franconia is deeply rooted in the region and has its own vineyards in the immediate vicinity, which belong to the family's own Prädikatsweingut. The house lives on a tradition that is over 600 years old and offers wine lovers in particular a wonderful home away from home. During your stay, taste the house's own premium wines, join your hosts on hikes through the vineyards in Franconia and breathe history in a traditional wooden barrel cellar.


From the vine into the bottle

Discover Franconian wines in a special way. Our tour guide will pick you up at our hotel “Zur Schwane” to take you on a hike through the “Volkacher Ratsherr”. Afterwards, to see the results of these vines, you will taste 5 different wines of the past year during a tour through our 600 year old wine cellar.

Mythos Wein

In our radio play "Mythos Wein" you will experience the migrations of peoples, hear about Mount Ararat, and at the end you will also know that in all these 7,500 years, up to Riemenschneider, Goethe and the "now time", wine played a major role.


Vineyard walks with the hosts

The Romantik Hotel Schwane is located in the historic center of Volkach. The Main River, the Franconian wine country and the hotel's own vineyards are therefore almost right on the hotel's doorstep. The host family Pfaff-Düker sometimes takes travelers on extensive vineyard hikes, where guests can learn everything about growing and processing the grapes. The impressions in the old wooden barrel cellar resemble a 600-year journey through the past. Predicate: Absolutely take part!


The vineyards of our wine hotel in Volkach

The Hotel zur Schwane owns a family-run Prädikats-Winery (VDP). The Schwane's vineyards include top sites, led by the Escherndorfer Lump and the Volkacher Ratsherrn.
The landscape on the Mainschleife is tailor-made for the vines on which the grapes for the estate's own wines ripen. The steep slopes, the shell limestone soils and the constant maritime-continental climate provide the best conditions. The secret of success lies in the region's low rainfall and long growing seasons combined with consistent yield limitation.


The Volkach "Ratsherr": Our home situation

The Volkacher Ratsherr is the home site of our wine hotel. It is a steep slope that transfers the taste of the shell limestone into the bottle. The wines from this vineyard are characterized by a high maturity of the grapes and are harvested in selective manual harvest. In this way, top quality wines are produced, which must meet the strictest requirements to ensure the highest quality. From the "Ratsherren" come our "Großen Gewächse", which you are welcome to take home as a souvenir after your stay in our wine hotel in Volkach. A tip: There is then always a replenishment via our online store.

Eschendorf Am Lumpen 1655: Riesling & Silvaner

This vineyard is characterized by its breath-taking steep slope with up to 60 percent slope. Here the grape varieties Silvaner and Riesling ripen, which are later made into exceptional wines. 

The character of our wines

In every drop of the wines of our wine hotel in Lower Franconia, the connoisseur senses the passion with which the hotel's staff cultivates the old Silvaner, Riesling and Burgundy vines in the steep slopes. The estate wines are characterized by the philosophy that has been lived from the beginning in our wine hotel zur Schwane in Volkach on the Mainschleife: Vitality and freshness. New ideas are always brought into the bottles and until today the wines live from the courage to experiment. The site wines from the Eschendorfer Lump and the Volkacher Ratsherr have a lot of character and are influenced by the Muschelkalk.

The guests of our wine hotel experience a very large variety of different wines from the fruity-light terrace wine to the expressive Großes Gewächs. And yet there is a common denominator in all bottles: authentic wines with style and character.

Discover our in-house wine cellar

It goes without saying that we have our own wine cellar for our wines. The highlight is a wooden barrel cellar, which, like the house itself, is over 600 years old. In the old walls you breathe the history of wine in the region and go on an exciting journey through the diversity of our wine varieties.

Your vacation in the wine hotel in Volkach at the Mainschleife

The village of Volkach on the Mainschleife is a small historic town in Lower Franconia. Visitors here experience a picturesque townscape that, with its colorful half-timbered houses and surrounding vineyards, would be made for a Rosamunde Pilcher movie. You can discover the region in a variety of ways, for example during a hike, a bike tour or a boat trip across the Main River.

Our arrangements around the wine

Around our hotel there are cycling and hiking trails where you can experience the countryside up close. To invite wine lovers here, we always create new arrangements. The wine tastings in the historical atmosphere of our wine cellar belong to the fixed components of these offers. Of course, you can also enjoy the menus in our restaurant, which are accompanied by corresponding wines. With our wine arrangements you can wonderfully combine the themes of wine and culture. We will gladly pack a snack backpack for your excursions.

The legendary wine festival in mid-August in Volkach

Once a year, the wine connoisseur meeting takes place in Volkach on the Mainschleife. At this Franconian wine festival, the winegrowers of the region present over 120 Franconian wines that come from the vineyards around Volkach. The traditional folk festival has been celebrated for over 70 years. 

Nature experiences around our wine hotel

Our wine hotel is situated in an idyllic location directly opposite an old parish church. The unspoiled Altmain between Volkach and Gerlachshausen is best explored by bike. Here you will encounter nesting sites of gray herons as well as a great variety of wild herbs. Alternatively, you can rent a horse-drawn carriage and rock along the bumpy paths with 2 horsepower.

Boat trip across the Main loop and the Main river bank

The most famous vineyards of the region, such as the "Eschendorfer Lump" or the "Katzenkopf", can also be wonderfully explored from the water side. Near the wine hotel is the landing stage for mini cruises. On a contemplative raft trip you can sail through the untouched river meadows - with pleasure also with a wine tasting on the spot.

Are you curious about our wine hotel in Volkach at the Mainschleife? We look forward to your visit to the Romantik Hotel zur Schwane.