Tour suggestions

Tour suggestion 1: The Volkach Main Loop Tour

This bike tour is something for true wine connoisseurs. It starts in Volkach near the new Main bridge and leads in the first stage to the other side of the Main. Later, it goes up to Vogelsburg Castle, from where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Main Loop. You cycle along the famous Eschendorfer Lump vineyard and a little later reach the second longer climb of this tour through vineyards up to Neuses am Berg. Other highlights of this bike tour include the pilgrimage church Maria im Sand as well as the museum "Pilgrims and pilgrims".

Tour suggestion 2: Shell limestone and alabaster

About 500 meters from Volkach begins one stage of this larger tour, which can also be wonderfully divided into two or three stages. In total, you can be on the road for three days or take it easy. You ride mainly on asphalt with a moderate incline and can rely on excellent signposting with many signs and kilometer indications. At the start at the Volkacher Mainschleife, the wines grow predominantly on shell limestone. After you reach the beginning Steigerwald by bike later, the vines thrive in many cases on gypsum keuper, which is partly interspersed with alabaster. The tour continues via Lengfurt, Estenfeld, Kürnach, Seligenstadt, Prosselsheim, Vogelsburg, Astheim, Volkach, Gerolzhofen, Handthal, Oberschwarzach, Prichsenstadt, Castell and Rödels.

Tour suggestion 3: Bicycle tour through the Maindreieck

During this tour, cyclists follow the course of the Maindreieck. Small, charming wine villages line up like pearls on a necklace during this bike tour. The entire tour begins at Mainberg above Schweinfurt, where the Maindreieck also originates. There, the Main changes its course and suddenly swings south. The highlights of this bike tour include the many small winegrowing villages that lie along the route.

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