Weinberge bei Volkach

Experience volkach

Our tour guide will be happy to show you the Volkach city center during a stroll through the old town. Or get to know the museum Kartause Astheim in the neighboring village of the same name. The visual language of art and its importance for the communication of the Christian faith is also part of the tour or did you know that the Riemenschneider Madonna in the church Maria im Weingarten fell victim to one of the most spectacular art thefts of the 1960s? Thieves stole the life-size figure on August 7, 1962, and tried to hold Volkach to ransom in the amount of 100,000 DM. Volkach could not raise the money, but the then editor-in-chief of the magazine "Stern" was generous and so the people of Volkach got "their Madonna" back.

Water, jet ski and stand-up paddling on the Main River

Water-skiing, jet-skiing and stand-up paddling on the Main River are allowed. However, there are some rules to follow. This is because water and jet skiing with your own equipment is not possible everywhere on the Main. Designated stretches are between Obereisenheim and Fahr and between Marktbreit and Marktsteft. The section between Dettelbach and Schwarzach is also particularly suitable, as the Main is very wide here and offers enough space for pirouettes and other tricks. Travelers can rent stand-up paddles directly in Volkach at the Waterwalker.